ZERODIUM is the world's leading zero-day acquisition platform founded by cybersecurity experts with unparalleled experience in advanced vulnerability research and exploitation. We have built a global community of talented and independent security researchers working together to provide the most powerful cybersecurity capabilities.

ZERODIUM rewards security researchers to acquire their zero-day research and then analyzes, documents, and provides all acquired security intelligence to its institutional clients as part of the ZERODIUM Zero-Day Research Feed.

For more information about our cybersecurity solutions and capabilities, please contact us using your official government/corporate email address. Access to ZERODIUM services is highly restricted and is only available to a very limited number of eligible customers. ZERODIUM does not have any sales partner or reseller, our solutions are only available through our direct sales channel.

For more information about our premium zero-day acquisition program for security researchers, please read our Program and FAQ sections.